IBM SPSS Exact Tests

More Accurately Analyze Small Datasets or Those with Rare Occurrences

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IBM® SPSS® Exact Tests gives you what's needed to more accurately work with small samples and analyze rare occurrences in large datasets.

IBM SPSS Exact Tests enables you to use small samples and still feel confident about the results. With the money saved using smaller sample sizes, you can conduct surveys or test direct marketing programs more often. Stay ahead of the competition by using these resources to find new opportunities.

Easily Interpret and Apply Exact Tests

IBM SPSS Exact Tests is easy to use. You can perform a test any time, with just a click of a button – during your original analysis or when you rerun it. With IBM SPSS Exact Tests, there is no steep learning curve, because you don't need to learn any new statistical theories or procedures. You simply interpret the exact tests results the same way you already interpret the results in IBM SPSS Statistics Base.

You'll always have the right statistical test for your data situation. IBM SPSS Exact Tests provides more than 30 exact tests, which cover the entire spectrum of nonparametric and categorical data problems for small or large datasets. These tests include one-sample, two-sample and K-sample tests on independent or related samples, goodness-of-fit tests, tests of independence in RxC contingency tables and on measures of association.

And, with the release of IBM SPSS Statistics 19, both the client and server versions of IBM SPSS Exact Tests are available on Mac® and Linux®, as well as on Windows® operating systems.

More Statistics for Data Analysis

Expand the capabilities of IBM SPSS Statistics Base for the data analysis stage in the analytical process. Using IBM SPSS Exact Tests with IBM SPSS Statistics Base gives you an even wider range of statistics, so you can get the most accurate response when:

  • Working with a small number of cases
  • Working with variables that have a high percentage of response in one category
  • Dividing your data into fine breakdowns
  • Searching for rare occurrences in large datasets (such as sales above $1 million)

IBM SPSS Exact Tests easily plugs into other IBM SPSS Statistics modules so you can seamlessly work in the IBM SPSS Statistics environment.

Get greater value from your data: with IBM SPSS Exact Tests, you can slice and dice your data into breakdowns, which can be as fine as you want, so you learn more by extending your analysis to subgroups. You aren't limited by required expected counts of five or more per cell for correct results. And you can even rely on IBM SPSS Exact Tests when you're searching for rare occurrences within large datasets.

Keep your original categories: don't lose valuable information by collapsing categories to meet the assumptions of traditional tests. With IBM SPSS Exact Tests, you can keep your original design or natural categories—for example, regions, income, or age groups—and analyze what you intended to analyze.

IBM SPSS Exact Tests has the tests and statistics you need get the more insight from your small samples and rare occurrences within large databases. These procedures include:

  • Pearson Chi-squared test
  • Linear-by-linear association test
  • Contingency coefficient
  • Uncertainty coefficient—symmetric or asymmetric
  • Wilcoxon signed-rank test
  • Cochran's Q test
  • Binomial test
  • And many more