IBM SPSS Statistics Developer

IBM SPSS Statistics Developer gives R and Python programmers a complete workbench in which to integrate their own analytical functionality and procedures

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  • Features and Benefits

IBM® SPSS® Statistics Developer allows R algorithms to be wrapped in IBM SPSS Statistics syntax, shared with other users and invoked through a familiar interface.

IBM SPSS Statistics Developer lets users integrate the power of R and Python with the core functionality of IBM SPSS Statistics platform. A custom dialog builder allows new functions to be completely integrated into the user interface.

IBM SPSS Statistics Developer is easy to install and easy to use. With it, you can:

  • Access thousands of advanced R algorithms and packages
  • Wrap R packages and algorithms in IBM SPSS Statistics syntax
  • Use all IBM SPSS Statistics' data handling functions, and work with large datasets
  • Efficiently produce graphs and other forms of output
  • Distribute R packages to a wide range of users via Web download or e-mail

IBM SPSS Statistics Developer and R

IBM SPSS Statistics Developer is not a commercial implementation of the R language, which remains free, but a program for wrapping R functions in a format that allows them to run in IBM SPSS Statistics.

IBM SPSS Statistics Developer gives you:

  • All of the core, non-analytictal functionality found in IBM SPSS Statistics,
  • Easy access to nearly 2,000 open source statistical functions
  • The ability to produce presentation-quality output and standard pivot tables
  • Superior data management features
  • Access to more wrapped packages online at SPSS Developer Central

R algorithms can be easily "wrapped" in IBM SPSS Statistics syntax, and appear in standard IBM SPSS Statistics output.