IBM SPSS Data Collection

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IBM® SPSS® Data Collection is a complete suite of products for survey, market, or business researchers. It enables them to quickly and efficiently acquire clean data from the widest range of sources using an expansive array of methods.

This is increasingly important as business today demands faster, more representative and more cost-effective surveys for deeper insight into customers’ thoughts and opinions. Both commercial organizations and market research firms rely on its advanced technologies.

IBM SPSS Data Collection products provide everything need to meet or exceed those demands.

The IBM SPSS Data Collection Family

  • Streamline the creation of surveys, using familiar, intuitive interfaces, and incorporate sophisticated routing and logic to increase completion rates and ensure clean, high-quality data for analysis and reporting.
  • Advanced, easy-to-use technology for deploying and managing compelling surveys by phone, over the web, or face-to-face. Keep up with emerging trends such as SMS messaging or IVR.

  • Easily and efficiently develop professional, interactive reports in online or desktop environments. Turn insights into action by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • Centralize the management of surveys and data with tools for all stages of the research lifecycle. Increase efficiency and staff utilization by automating processes so that tasks are done in the background and are ready when needed.

IBM SPSS Data Collection for survey and market research

Take many roads to truth with IBM SPSS research technology

In a crowded marketplace, and with do-it-yourself survey tools proliferating on the Web, research organizations are confronting a number of significant challenges. The IBM SPSS research family enables them to meet those challenges head on by extending and enhancing their ability to deliver high quality, value-added results to end-users.

Become an insight leader in Market Research with IBM SPSS Data Collection.

Learn more about IBM SPSS Data Collection for Market Research

With IBM SPSS technology research organizations can:

  • Extend their reach to population segments that are hard to engage through conventional channels
  • Conduct global surveys efficiently and cost effectively to register the preferences and opinions of people in distant countries
  • Achieve global scope through round-the-clock operations across many countries
  • Analyze free-text responses alongside categorical data with IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys
  • Mine the rich veins of comment and opinion found on social network sites, blogs and other Web sites with IBM SPSS Modeler Premium
  • Use advanced analytics to augment the value they provide by finding extra insights to give organizations a competitive edge
  • Become an “insight partner,” working with clients’ organizational data as well as research data to provide a holistic view and to empower them to act on insight to drive customer intimacy, product planning and operational efficiency.

IBM SPSS Data Collection for customer intimacy

Improve business performance through better customer insight

The IBM SPSS Data Collection family empowers businesses to capture customer input across multiple touch-points, and then broadcast the “voice of the customer” throughout the organization. With it, they can collect information through surveys triggered by activity on a Web site, or during routine interactions with customer service or call center staff.

For enterprises, collecting this valuable feedback is one of the key steps in developing customer intimacy. Along with transactional data and other forms of information, it helps businesses make decisions that are focused on and individual to each customer.

With our technology they can:

  • Engage customers and build valuable relationships by collecting feedback at regular intervals and involving customers into decision-making processes
  • Manage the Enterprise Feedback Management or Customer Experience Programs that are the building blocks of a true customer intimacy solution
  • Measure and track customer loyalty to better target retention efforts
  • Develop and deliver market-driven products through continual surveys of target customers
  • Optimize marketing efforts by testing concepts, imagery and messages before deployment
  • Increase the profitability of customer interactions by maximizing the value of  up-sell or cross-sell opportunities
  • Increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value by continually tracking customer attitudes and responding to emerging problems and opportunities
  • Make customer-centric decisions with far greater confidence
  • Satisfy and retain valuable and profitable customers, and attract others like them, more easily and cost effectively
  • Identify and proactively manage business risks

What’s new in IBM SPSS Data Collection 7

The latest release of IBM SPSS Data Collection includes many enhancements and improvements designed to give researchers more power to conduct deeper and wider surveys so that they can provide even more profound results to internal and external clients.

With IBM SPSS Data Collection 7, researchers can:

  • Integration with IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence
    • Builds on the existing integration with predictive analytics and provides an end-to-end solution for capturing attitudinal data and publishing the data to Cognos Business Intelligence
    • Removes the need to perform any data transformation steps — results are published directly to Cognos Business Intelligence.
    • Enables organizations to use a single enterprise business intelligence platform for reporting across traditional data sources and attitudinal data.
  • Extended capabilities for mobile interviewing
    • Supports the efficient collection of data on disconnected devices in regions where mobile or internet connectivity is limited.
    • Provides improved field management with full support for distributed sample and quota for IBM SPSS Data Collection Data Entry and IBM SPSS Data Collection Interviewer products.
    • Enables more efficient field interviewing with the ability to sort, search and select sample records, view quota targets and synchronize updates.
    • Gives survey administrators more control to ensure that responses are being gathered from the correct people.
  • Improved call center productivity
    • Operate a highly-efficient and productive system.
    • Includes new messaging features that allow call center administrators to share project information with interviewers and let interviewers communicate their status back to administrators.
    • Delivers improved monitoring via a real-time display that shows the status of the interviewers, along with call history reports.
    • Supports the ability to chain surveys together and increase productivity by engaging respondents, even when they are not suitable for the main survey.
  • A broader, more customizable feedback platform
    • Extends support for HTML5 input types, which allows for the representation of SPSS Data Collection question types using HTML5 input types.
    • Provides the ability to integrate the use of external web services into surveys via pluggable interface components (for example, the Salesforce Interview Service for providing access to the web service).
    • Improves the rendering and display of surveys by letting users define specific properties, including browser capabilities and image attributes.
  • New survey gallery and wizards
    • Reduces complexity and makes it easier for business users to get started.
    • Provide a simple gallery user interface that organizes library items by type and function where descriptions, prerequisites and package contents can be viewed before adding items to projects.
    • Include reporting wizards to simplify common or complicated table and variable editing capabilities.
    • Extend the open, configurable design of the platform and supports those organizations that wish to create their own survey assets and then make them available as library items or wizards.