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SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys™

SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys helps you gain greater insights from free-text survey responses faster and more easily—even if you haven't performed text analysis before.

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SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys 17.0

Get Greater Value from Survey Text

Transform unstructured survey data into quantitative data—without having to read text responses word for word. Specifically designed for survey text, SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys is based on our powerful natural language processing (NLP) software technologies.

Business users benefit because they gain insight into people's thoughts, attitudes, and opinions—and can more easily meet their needs.

Survey analysts can provide greater value to business users and survey research clients without the drudgery and expense associated with manual coding.


Categorize Text Responses More Easily

Quantify text responses for analysis along with other survey data—quickly and consistently. SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys automates the process while still allowing you to intervene manually to refine your results. You never lose control of the categorization process.

With SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys, you can:

  • Identify major themes without reading responses word for word
  • Distinguish between positive and negative comments
  • Create categories or "code frames" more quickly
  • Categorize or "code" responses more consistently
  • Use pre-built categories for customer, product and employee satisfaction surveys
  • Save money by eliminating or reducing your reliance on outside services
  • Save time—and make results more consistent—by reusing categories in ongoing or similar surveys
  • Increase satisfaction with survey results
System Requirements

SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys 3.0 runs on the Microsoft Windows® platform. For detailed specifications, download the SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys 3.0 Specification Sheet. Minimum system requirements include:

  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional or Home, Service Pack 2 or later (32-bit) or Windows Vista® Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, Home Premium, or Home Basic (32- and 64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium®-class; 3.0 GHz recommended
  • Monitor: 1024 x 768 (SVGA) resolution
  • Memory: 512MB or more recommended; 1GB or more for large datasets
  • Minimum free drive space: 300MB; more recommended for larger datasets
  • CD-ROM drive (for installation)
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later (for online help)

Easier to Use

SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys 3.0 includes multiple new features that make it easier to move through the text categorization process.

  • Get better out-of-the-box results with pre-built Text Analysis Packages (TAPs) for customer/product/employee satisfaction surveys
  • The new Project Wizard guides you step-by-step as you set up and extract concepts and create categories
  • New classification and category-building techniques reduce manual work to a minimum
  • The category editor helps you get more accurate results faster
  • A new relevance ranking algorithm lets you see which responses best match a given category

Project Wizard

Project Wizard


More Versatile, More Language Options

Additional new features provide greater flexibility in analyzing past, present, and future survey responses.

  • Import code frames from third-party software, maximizing your investment in previous survey research
  • Reuse categories or code frames from current surveys in ongoing or similar surveys for greater efficiency and time-savings
  • Work on surveys easily in more than a dozen languages by using new Language Weaver automated translation capabilities

Make Text Responses Count—Efficiently

With SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys, you can efficiently categorize free-text responses and then integrate the results of your text analysis with other, quantifiable data. Using this desktop tool, you can:

  • Quickly and consistently extract key concepts and opinions
  • Create categories and then place text responses into those categories
  • Refine categories
  • Summarize your findings
  • Export results for analysis and graphing

Easy to Use and Control

SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys uses proven linguistics-based technologies that help cut through the ambiguities of human language and let you uncover patterns in the attitudes, beliefs, and opinions of others.

Manual options leave you in complete control of the process.

  • Different native-language versions of SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys are available for analyzing English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish survey text. Analyze other languages—including Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and others—by using Language Weaver software with SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys.

Extract Key Concepts

Extract Key Concepts


Refine Categories

Refine Categories








Gaining Full Value from SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys™

A review of the role of text in survey research, and an overview of the steps you follow to conduct text analysis with SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys.

Leverage the Voice of Your Customers

An Anderson Analytics and SPSS Inc. predictive text analytics case study.

Mastering New Challenges in Text Analytics

This paper defines text analytics and describes various approaches with a focus on the natural language processing techniques used by SPSS Inc.’s text analytics solutions.

SPSS Survey Tips

A booklet of tips for survey researchers that also shows how SPSS Inc. products help at every step of the way.

SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys™ 3.0 – Specifications

An overview of how researchers can create categories and categorize text responses even more efficiently with this NLP-based desktop product.

Harness the power of predictive analytics by enrolling in a training program from SPSS Inc. You have two options to choose from:

  • Live e-learning: train online and in real time with an instructor (Live WBT)
  • Live instructor training: group or individual one-on-one sessions available (Live)

Training Courses
  • Introduction to SPSS Text Analysis for Survey

    Learn the steps involved in working with text data, from reading the text data to exporting the final categories for additional analysis. Topics include how to automatically and manually create and modify categories, and how to edit synonym, type, and exclude dictionaries.


SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys™ 3.0 User's Guide

Provides guidance on using the product to automate the categorizing or "coding" of survey text responses.


SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys 3.0: Get the Most Out of Open-Ended Text Responses

Wednesday, February 12, 2009
Begins at: 11:00 a.m. CT
Duration: 1 hour

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