PASW Modeler Web Mining

Predictive Web insight for more effective action

Data mining is a proven technology for advanced analysis that detects key patterns and trends. But the time-consuming complexity of preparing Web data with the business context necessary for data mining has hampered its use in Web analysis—until now.

The new standard in Web analysis

PASW Modeler Web Mining is an add-on module that makes it easy for analysts to perform ad hoc predictive Web analysis within PASW Modeler’s intuitive visual workflow interface. By bringing together the leading technologies for both Web analytics and data mining—along with SPSS Inc.'s more than 40 years of analytical experience—PASW Modeler Web Mining sets a new standard for Web analysis. You can easily transform raw Web data into analysis-ready business events using the integrated Web mining source node. These business events are then available within predictive Web analysis applications that quickly deliver actionable insight throughout your organization.

With PASW Modeler Web Mining, you can enable online business decision makers to take more effective action by giving them the ability to: