PASW Text Analytics

Enhance Predictive Models with Text Data

PASW Text Analytics* is a text mining workbench that enables you to extract key concepts, sentiments, and relationships from textual or "unstructured" data and convert them to a structured format that can be used to create predictive models. You can access PASW Text Analytics directly from the interface of SPSS Inc.'s industry-leading data mining workbench, PASW Modeler*. The powerful combination of these two products transforms PASW Modeler into a fully integrated data and text mining workbench.

PASW Text Analytics uses a proven natural language processing (NLP) linguistic extraction process. With this software, you can access and process a wide variety of unstructured data, including text contained in:

PASW Text Analytics simplifies the categorization and extraction process of a wide variety of text. After concepts are extracted from text, data mining techniques are applied to them. This has been shown to improve the "lift" or accuracy of predictive data models and significantly improve results.

For example, Swiss cable television company Cablecom has used PASW Text Analytics to improve customer retention. "Our organization has been able to better understand and quantify reasons for customer churn through the use of SPSS Inc. predictive text mining software. We've uncovered concepts and relationships in text that would be too costly—or even impossible—to detect by any other methods," said Federico

Conduct sentiment analysis—and analyze all types of text—in multiple languages

PASW Text Analytics offers you the ability to create and share text analysis packages (TAPs), which are categories and linguistic resources that control the extraction process. Three pre-built TAPs (English-language only) are included for customer, employee, and product satisfaction analysis—or you can also build your own TAPs.

When you are able to analyze the words people use to express their thoughts and feelings, you can draw more reliable conclusions about their future behavior and use that predictive insight to meet their needs more successfully.

Multi-lingual sentiment analysis helps you capture the attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors of more people across more markets and channels than ever before. The result? You'll be able to build more accurate predictive models that will help maximize customer loyalty, satisfaction, and profitability both locally and globally.

PASW Text Analytics is available for processing Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish text, and it also supports Language Weaver™, a provider of software that automates human language translation.

Since PASW Text Analytics integrates with SPSS Inc.'s data mining workbench, you may want to read more about the capabilities of PASW Modeler, and about data mining in general.

Easy access and customization

PASW Text Analytics has an intuitive, graphical interface that enables analysts and business users to perform text mining without help from a linguist. You can access text data directly and deploy streams and models to decision makers or for use in other applications.

You can customize concept dictionaries for specific domain areas by using the included Resource Editor. This easy-to-use resource for managing extracted text helps you discover relevant concepts and associations more quickly. Additionally, you can use the Resource Editor to edit the dictionaries included with PASW Text Analytics.

Deploy text mining results throughout your organization

PASW Text Analytics' open system works with many types of operational databases and applications, including SPSS Inc.'s predictive applications.

If your organization employs an enterprise feedback management (EFM) solution, PASW Text Analytics can help you understand the opinions, attitudes, and preferences of your customers, employees, citizens, business partners, and others.

Additionally, use SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services to help manage your analytical assets and analytical processes.

For more information about PASW Text Analytics, contact a sales representative.

* PASW Text Analytics and PASW Modeler, formerly known as Text Mining for Clementine® and Clementine, are part of SPSS Inc.'s Predictive Analytics Software portfolio.